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    About Paramedical

    Paramedical in India is in need of people who are trained to meet the growing needs of the healthcare sector. It has become one of India’s largest sector – both in terms of revenue and employment. This sector comprises hospitals, medical devices, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance and medical equipment. This healthcare sector is growing at a brisk pace due to its strengthening coverage, services and increasing expenditure by public as well as private players. This Industry at present is considered to be among the most dynamic industries with amole number of job opportunities. Over 20 million new jobs are expected to be generated by 2021, as per a report titled ‘India’s new Opportunities-2021’. This paramedical Industry also has advantages over other developing countries as a global hub for medical tourism.

    This is a time of Globalization of education. Indian government also promoting privatizing of the education on the pattern of western countries or also promoting non-government organization to come forward to meet the need of Hospital providing job oriented courses and training.

    Hence Paramedical sector in India is in need of skilled and efficient personnel who are excellent in medical science. Currently every city in India is witnessing a growth in the hospitals. This has resulted in a significant gap between the need and demand for trained and efficient health care personnel. In next 20years, India will have to add up at least one lakh beds each year in order to meet the needs of the healthcare industry. Further, it is estimated that every bed will account for about five direct and 25 indirect job opportunities in this sector. Therefore, It’s a clear indication that the Indian healthcare sector will dominate the economy in future and there will be a huge demand for trained healthcare professionals in the Indian market.

    Paramedical Science is an integral part of the Health Care System. It plays a significant role in medical science for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Study of diagnostic tools used in the clinical laboratory, X- ray, Ultra Sound, other invasive or non- invasive methods, therapeutic technical modes like physiotherapy, occupational therapy along with speech therapy are important components of the paramedical system. Since there is an acute shortage of radiographers, ECG technicians, OT technicians and audio motorists in the country. Radiography and Imaging Technology prepares professionals and technicians proficient in use and interpretation of radiological imaging technologies using X- Ray, Color Doppler, ultra sound, EEG, CT- Scan and MRI imaging. Medical Laboratory Technology focuses on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases through clinical laboratory technologies.

    The practical training includes collection and analysis of physical evidences from the crime scene. Training for handling decomposed bodies, finger prints and white color crimes is an integral component of the discipline. Optometry discipline trains ophthalmic technicians who can assess ocular motility disorders and



    Research invent new equipment& systems in healthcare’s technical sector like Ultrasound, X-rays, ECG, Endoscope, C.T. Scan , Laparoscope, Lithotripsy and Dialysis etc. recently invention are analyzer,(it is very economically and useful for self-employment) which are very useful for Diagnostic and treatment purpose whole of the world as well as India, but the Doctors invest a big time with these modern machines without trained technical staff also it is tiredly and busiest task for the specialist which can decrease their efficiency and without trained and technical assistance they are helpless to conduct research work. Beside it that is not only difficult but quite impossible to diagnose a patient and test the disease without technical assistance. So there is a great demand of medical technicians in various medical fields in India and abroad at present.

    As per Government officials noted that there is no Act or Council to regulate the hiring and functioning of Paramedics whether the country. According to his statement that there is a big hole to fulfill of trained Para medical Staff in the hospitals and diagnostic Center not even in India but also in Abroad for assistance to Doctor for Best treatment.

    Having shortage of trained technical for various equipment/machines, untrained personals are employed on payments or daily basis to handle these sophisticated equipment and machines. Gradually they are to be trained to handle these to discharge their duties.


    This is a time of Globalization of education. Indian government also promoting privatizing of the education on the pattern of western countries or also promoting non-government organization to come forward to meet the need of Hospital providing job oriented courses and training. Thus, DELHI STATE GOVERNMENT PARAMEDICAL COUNCIL (DSGPC) has taken decision to fulfill the demand of paramedical technicians from Hospitals, Pathological & diagnostic Labs, Nursing home etc. The aims of the council are to overcome the gaps by providing qualities modern and affordable education.

    This diploma/certificate are job oriented and self-employment courses and eligible for all kinds of job in private, corporate, multinational companies sector or government/ semi -government sector in India & abroad. The candidates after diploma can establish/open their own centers in any part of country under efficient medical specialist to the rules and regulations prevailing at time to time in the area concerned. In this regards, Govt. of India also help to get loan from the Bank as Mudra Scheme.

    The students of this Council those have passed out and are working in all sectors of life in India and abroad. This Council was established in a remote area to provide the best education and medical assistance to the people especially with a need of increase in demand for the medical personnel’s especially Para medical.

    DSGPC is also contributing towards equipping various hospitals and medical centers with qualified Para medical personnel’s.


    To promote, encourage, propagate the science of Paramedical, To Educate, train & employment to students in Para Medical Science. To establish Paramedical Institute & College at regional level through regular & distance studies Program so that the students of remote and central area of the states would get the benefits from this system. To affiliate institution, imparting educations, training or conducting research in the field of Para Medical Sector in India and aboard.


    • To provide the adequate training for unemployed youth and to help them for setting up under self-employment schemes.

    • To provide training of Para Medical in Rural Area also for the welfare of economically handicapped and provide certificate to the student after the examination.

    • To minimize shortfall in trained and qualified paramedics in India.

    • To promote quality education, training and research in 'Health and Medicine'.


    • Registration to autonomous and qualified paramedics / colleges.

    • Affiliation to institutes/college with research center.

    • Registration to qualified individuals or college/university for world-class training & research in Paramedical Science and futuristic practice.

    • Certificates to professionals after they have worked for a fixed period of time.

    • As per requirement, we also provide the certificate after passed the examination to the student from the Council / affiliated DELHI STATE GOVERNMENT PARAMEDICAL COUNCIL, DELHI.


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